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Shipping & Returns
Shipping & Returns
Dear customers,
During your order processing our shop system calculates automatically the transport cost for your desired delivery address. These transport cost prices are only binding for the following destinations / countries:
Germany, Benelux, Poland, Austria, France and the Czech Republic.
For all other countries not mentioned in this former list, the transport cost shall be considered only as an estimated transport price.
After reception of your order we will calculate the exact transport cost for your case and confirm it by email to your attention.
If you do not accept the order with the exactly calculated transport price you may withdraw your order without any obligation towards Powerline. The order in this case is considered as not placed.
We also point out that VAT tax-free operations for exports out of the European Community (CE) are only possible if you send us an export certificate from your forwarder.
If you prefer we can deliver to any warehouse of your German forwarder so you will be able to export yourself out of the CE. In this case the transport cost for Germany will apply.
If you have questions please contact us any time by phone or email.
Yours sincerely ,
Your Powerline Team
Geschäftsführer Marc Pickel                                                                        Telefon:+49 (0) 64 85 91 15 15
Gartenstr. 37                                                                                                 Telefax:+49 (0) 64 85 91 15 16
56412 Niedererbach                                                                                      Email:info@photovoltaiconline.com
Deutschland                                                                                                  Internet:www.photovoltaiconline.com
Deutschland England France Suisse Austria
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For professional customers:
We are your partner!
You are:
  • a university or collegel
  • a company or business
  • a church or religious community
  • the national army
  • a police or fire defense unit
  • or any type of public administration according to the european VAT regulations.
It’s a pleasure for us to present individual quotations to all type of professional customers.
Please keep in mind that we need the following documentation for a classification as professional:
Please send us your existing VAT number document or simply your international VAT number. In any other cases please send us any other proof of professional customer ship.
Once we have classified you as a professional customer you will have the option to place online orders.
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